Cat portraits

Last Monday I went for a stroll in a park in Sendai, and luckily stumbled onto these stray cats there. They were laying around, sleeping and not doing much anything. You know, cats!

Some people came over to feed them – I’m not sure if they do it everyday or if the cats hang around there usually. I met a fellow photographer there who was photographing the cats before I came to the scene. Turned out she is a professional photographer, and she also likes cats. Often when I’m in town I have wondered if I will see someone else taking photos, and this time it happened. There’s bound to be some photography enthusiasts in a town of this size!

I only had one lens with me, and although a bit farther reach would have helped, it was great fun getting so close to cats and they did not shy away from petting, either. I only wish the leaves would have been more colourful!

In deep thought


Warm and fuzzy


What’s there?


The black eyepatch looks cool.


This one had a fancy little moustache.

“Might as well sleep.” -Cat, probably




Still not amused. (Yes, we dropped the leaves on the cat, sorry!)

I hope I will run into them again! Maybe I should keep some snacks with me from now on, just in case…



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