Shiogama Fish Market

Tokyo is know for the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is one of the world’s largest fish markets. I have not visited there, but instead had a chance to go to one in Shiogama, Sendai that is about 30 minutes by train from Sendai Station. It is the largest fish market I have been to, and it was quite an… Read more

Dontosai Festival

Dontosai is a winter festival held only in the Migayi prefecture (that’s where Sendai is) in Japan every year around the 14th of January. The Sendai Tourism Website sums it up briefly: This traditional event is held at shrines where worshippers bring their New Year’s decorations to be burned in a large bonfire and pray… Read more

Christmas in Kobe

New year, new photos! I had quite a busy December between going to school, catching a cold, and finally going to many different events before and during the winter vacation. At our school the winter vacation started on the 23rd and lasted until January 5th. I took a little head start by going to Kyoto… Read more

Welcome to Robocon

First of all, there are no robots here. Sorry. Even though all these photos were taken during the Robocon contest in Akita (some four hours from Sendai by bus), I didn’t take many photos from the actual competition. The point of the competition is to build a robot that can throw rings made of gummy… Read more

Motocross at SUGO

“Do you want to see motocross? And work a little?” That’s basically what me and my friends were asked by this friendly bar owner we met. It was a great opportunity to make friends and go to places we would have never gone by ourselves. I’m not exactly thrilled by motorcycles, so I don’t think… Read more

In Japan

I arrived in Japan about a month ago. My school is Sendai National College of Technology, or Sendai Kousen for short. (The whole name in Japanese is 仙台高等専門学校, Sendai koutousenmougakkou.) It’s kind of part high school, part university, because you start it when you’re 15 years old, and the Associates’ Degree Course is five years,… Read more