Projects / CV

This is a page about me and various projects I’ve worked with.

2016 Internship at Yamaya (2 weeks)
2015 Gamification Project at Sendai NCT
2015 Student Exchange at Sendai National College of Technology, Japan (5 months)
2015 Web3D couch
2015 Short promotional videos for Montoma
2015 YouDJ, dj-style crossfader for Youtube videos
2014 Information video for the city of Espoo
2014 My first 3D modeling video
2013 Started studying media technology at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.
2011 Started working at Palmia as a chef.
2010 Worked in various restaurants.
2010 I graduated from Restaurant School Perho as restaurant chef.


2015 Started writing a photography blog (this site)
2013 Started doing dj’ing occasionally (Mixcloud)
2011 Started writing a retro game blog (in Finnish)
2010 Started photography as a hobby (Flickr)
2003 I’ve been practicing Capoeira since the fall of 2003.