Shiogama Fish Market

Tokyo is know for the Tsukiji Fish Market, which is one of the world’s largest fish markets. I have not visited there, but instead had a chance to go to one in Shiogama, Sendai that is about 30 minutes by train from Sendai Station. It is the largest fish market I have been to, and it was quite an… Read more

Dontosai Festival

Dontosai is a winter festival held only in the Migayi prefecture (that’s where Sendai is) in Japan every year around the 14th of January. The Sendai Tourism Website sums it up briefly: This traditional event is held at shrines where worshippers bring their New Year’s decorations to be burned in a large bonfire and pray… Read more

Cat portraits

Last Monday I went for a stroll in a park in Sendai, and luckily stumbled onto these stray cats there. They were laying around, sleeping and not doing much anything. You know, cats! Some people came over to feed them – I’m not sure if they do it everyday or if the cats hang around… Read more

Sendai streets

Sendai is actually a lot bigger town than what I originally thought it would be before coming here. It might not be Tokyo, but it certainly has the feel of a large metropolitan city. What clearly separates it from bigger towns is that there are only two subway lines and a couple train lines and… Read more